Lab News
Lab News

Jan 2019: two CBE undergraduate students, Matt Larson (junior) and Quinn Gallagher (freshman) joined the lab. Welcome!

Jan 2019: two first year Ph.D. students Dennis Deng and Sahla Syed joined the lab. 

Dennis is from UIUC and Sahla's from NJIT. Welcome all!

July 2018: Bomyi's work on pair-rule gene dynamics has been published in PNAS! 

May 2018: Sam passed the qualifying exam and officially became a Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations Sam!!

Jan 2018: Samuel Keller, the first year Ph.D. student from RPI joined as the first Ph.D. student of the lab. Welcome Sam!! 

Jan 2018: Bomyi has officially joined Penn! She will have an office in Towne 351, and the lab space in Towne 355/360. 


Sept 2017: Bomyi will join the department of Chemical and Biomolecular engineering at Penn as an assistant professor in January 2018. She's very excited to come back to her alma mater!  

We use engineering, biology, and physics principles to understand the regulation of gene expression dynamics in cells. 

We're looking for enthusiastic postdocs, grad, and undergrad students from all different backgrounds in engineering, biology, physics, and others. 

Postdocs: please email Bomyi with your CV and research interests. Expertise in molecular biology, fluorescent imaging, image analysis, or mathematical modeling is encouraged, but not required.  

Graduate students: If you're a current graduate student at Penn interested in rotating in or joining the lab, please contact Bomyi to set up a meeting. 

Undergraduate students: Opportunities for independent studies will be available from Spring 2018. 

Lab Openings

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